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Hyco Pump Vibrations
Did you know that a clogged exhaust vent filter can cause your Hyco vacuum pump, located in the resonator cabinet, to have excessive vibrations at start up? Read on….
Cleaning and Upkeep of Dust Collection Filters
Your laser system is equipped with a high efficiency dust extraction unit that is designed to capture the finest laser dust particles and fumes, and exhaust clean air out into your shop floor. Most dust extractors have built-in self-cleaning circuits bursting air at regular short intervals, but over time your filter plates will become dirty and will require manual cleaning or replacement.
RF Power Tubes, the heart beating inside CO2 Lasers
To keep your Trumpf®* lasers running at peak performance, we recommend using the original Thales tube available from Richardson Electronics and its service partners.
RF Power Tubes: Do you have good connections?
RF Power Tubes are the heart of a CO2 laser and having a clean, undamaged socket is essential for the health of the tube. When you replace the RF tube, always inspect the condition of the socket. A bad socket will result in a shorter life of the RF tube.
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